Stay young in a felting workshop at foundation “Stoute Schoenen”…>>>read on

With great pleasure I regularly give a workshop felting for foundation Stoute Schoenen. The foundation organizes activating and vitalizing art and culture programs for the elderly.

For many, felting is something they have never done before, although everyone at this age has already taken a shrunken and felted sweater out of the washing machine. Every workshop the participants are surprised by the magical process of felting.

We work with a theme and it is a challenge to display the image or feeling that you want to achieve in wool. Felting is simply a process that cannot be controlled and precisely by letting go of the end goal, the most beautiful results arise. It is precisely in the workshops at this age group that I notice how much people like to be in control, fear of the unknown. That is why it is really great to see if they dare to take that step and surprise themselves.

You are never too old to learn.

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