Wall tapestry: “If you never try you’ll never know” >>>read on

felt wall tapestry wich shows an woman standing on a rock

You can see my felt artworks as an encouragement to live the way you want, according to your inner self. This felt wall hanging shows a woman standing on a rock, doubting if she will jump into the water of the dark green lake.
The size of the wall hanging is large and colorful. Hanging in a private interior or public place it will radiate a positive energy.

The used materials are sheepwool, silk and fabric left-overs. All handdyed and felted by hand.

The spiritual message of this wall hanging is to progress and grow, steps are required that are not always easy to take. A new direction means unknown territory. But if you do nothing, nothing will happen.
Big choices or small choices … what can actually happen to you ?
Why are you here on earth? What will you do with this life?
If you looked under the skin you would see the doubts, the emotions and fears that stop you from listening to your innerself and living your life for the fullest.
Living from your natural self is living the effortless way, organicly being one with nature, your nature!

For more information about my work send an email to: robijn@robijnsonneveld.com