Why do i use curly Leicester long wool in my felt wall art? >>>read on

Sensual details are an important part in my felt wall art. Leicester sheepwool are wonderful long curly hairs and very suitable for this purpose. The long curly wool has a lovely soft glaze and when i dye the hairs, the colors come in unpredictable shades, wich makes it fun to work with.

The processing of different structures during wet felting, such as this long curly wool, gives me the opportunity to apply a sensitive touch. We may not always be aware of it, but by stroking someone’s hair or skin you get very close and it releases feelings in you. Feelings of love or eroticism.
Sliding your hands through wavy hair or discovering your loved one’s creepy little hairs. What does that do to you?

I use the pure wool from rare sheep breeds because i think it is important that the world of these great wool producers becomes visible. Leicester sheep is a British breed wich is developed in the 18th century near the border of Scotland, wich gave them their name. Many original sheep breeds are threatened with extinction, but fortunately various organizations are working hard on genetic conservation. Like https://www.leicesterlongwool.org

For more information about my work, please contact me per email: robijn@robijnsonneveld.com