How a passioned woman is worth the chaos…>>>read on

A textile artist at home means threads on your socks, piles of felt on a chair, a work in progress on the floor, a lot of dust in the corners …..
When creating a series of walltapestries, chaos arises at a certain moment. The focus is on finding the right pieces of wool felt and color. And I often find these in coincidences, or maybe they are not coincidences, and they only show themselves in chaos. Sometimes it takes courage to cut into a new piece of wool felt, a pile of imperfect pieces on the other hand give me freedom. And the freedom to leave the tapestry where it is, on the floor or table to give it time to grow, sometimes days or weeks.

It is another lesson in letting go of control. Control seems nice, but in fact you put yourself on the chain and therefore you stay out of reach of all possibilities that are available. Ultimately, what you need in the moment comes to you. It is not always what you had come up with yourself, but it gives a new insight and allows you to grow.